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Learnt In Lockdown (LIL)

Banana bread, unprecedented, sourdough starter, furlough, SPaG (conjunctions, adjective, alliteration), Minecraft & clearing cookies/caches are some of the new words I’ve learnt in the last 4 weeks. Some of which I still don’t understand, actually all I don’t understand.

But there are other things I’ve noticed that I’m particularly good at:

Making Tea

Washing Plates, Cups & Dishes of the 500 strong army that use our kitchen while I’m not watching.

Maths homework

Growing Vegetables

Online Scrabble

And my new favourite Griddled Flatbreads, and it’s dead simple. All you need is the ingredients below, a little time, patience, griddle pan and a strong right hand.💪🏻

Knead, knead & knead some more.


200g Strong White Flour

1/2 tsp Yeast

1tsp Salt

125ml Warm Water

1 tsp Olive Oil


Add the dry ingredients to a bowl & give it a good mix. Add the wet ingredients, stir until the mixture comes together.

Lightly dust a clean dry work surface. Place dough onto floured work surface. Wash up bowl and dry. Knead the dough for 11 mins or 9 mins if you are particularly strong like me.

Lightly oil a mixing bowl and place dough into centre of bowl. Rub a drizzle of oil over dough. Cover bowl with cling film and leave in a warm place until dough has at least doubled in size (longer you leave it the better). Pick up bowl and drop it onto work surface from a height of about 6.5cm. The dough should deflate like a blow up mattress on a stormy night.

Leave it to do it’s thing again and about double in size (longer you leave it the better). Dust your work surface with flour. Cut dough into 4. With a rolling pin, roll out till 1/2 cm thick. Rough shapes are good, no symmetry here.

Heat a griddled pan still smokin’ hot. Place flat bread into pan and cook on both sides till golden brown. If you want lines, don’t move the bread until you are sure its done on that side.

Rip, Dip & Enjoy.



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