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Burb-Bar-Q Sauce

The Burb

I do love a sauce! It doesn’t necessarily need to be spicy, but it does need to lift, enhance, compliment or even power up the food you are eating.

There are a million or so different sauces to buy out there (I’ve had time to count them recently). The most obvious sauces are Tomato Ketchup, Chilli Sauce or Brown sauce.

Now it would be foolish of me to think I could take on the ‘57 varieties’ or ‘Houses of Parliament’(HP) or the Jamaican Reggae King.

But I am with my own range, my own take, my own flavour.

Now there’s nothing wrong with the big hitters, staples of our cupboards and tables for years.

But despite all the madness going on at the moment, a range of sauces by Burb-Bar-Q will be going on sale very shortly.

There will be 4 sauces to start things off:

Sun- Dried Tomato Ketchup

Burb’s Brown Sauce (still working on the name)

Smokey Burb-Bar-Q Sauce

Chilli & Pineapple

All of these sauces will be available in a returnable Flip Top Glass Bottle. You buy the bottle once and pay for the sauce you have. We are trying to do our bit for the planet and still provide you with a quality product.

A Empty Flip Top Glass Bottle